Don’t fear your future; create your future!

-Wilfried Lehmkuhler-

This saddens me.

For years, you feel like you’re stuck living an exhausting, unpleasant life.

You’re working hard for an unappreciative company in a job you hate.

You’re living paycheck to paycheck.

With every passing month it becomes harder to make ends meet.

Too many times you have told yourself you need to change your life, create something better for you and your family.

But how?

After all, the money from your job is all you have!

You can’t get a raise, can’t get a promotion and can’t quit.

You’re stuck!

And then COVID 19 hits!

If you think it can’t get any worse, it does!

This is a humanitarian and economic tragedy, resulting in mass layoffs and about 40% to 50% of all jobs will be lost permanently.

You are scared!

Layoffs are everywhere.

You wake up every morning, hoping you still have a job to go to.

Hopefully, you will survive this pandemic and the economic disaster it came with it.

Then you can relax; breathe a sigh of relief because your job security is still intact.

Sorry to bring this to you, but you don’t have job security, it’s an illusion.

You can work harder, employ all tricks in the book to boost your value to the company, or leave your dignity behind and become a “YES” person, none of this will give you any job security.

High unemployment and economic trouble will linger for much of 2021. If your job survives that, then it is not if, but when the next pandemic, recession, or even depression will occur.

Perhaps now is the time to focus on what it is you’ve wanted for such a long time.

To change your life, to create something better for you and your family!

I hear you!

I know exactly how you feel.

I have been there.

Like you, I worked hard and gave it all.

Then in summer 2014, my heart gave in, resulting in quadruple bypass surgery.

As I was recovering, I promised myself to take it easier from here on in.

One year later, it was “déjà vu.”

I worked long hours, and my family life was non-existent.

In November 2017, my wife and I had enough.

We decided we NEED to change our life.

We set a date, July first, 2018. That would be the first day of our new life.

We did it.

We quit our jobs bought a 5th Wheel, a big truck, and August first, 2018, we started a three-year trip criss-crossing North America.

Because I have been there, I know how scary it is to think about change, never mind doing it!

But I know you can, you really can achieve it!

I know you have the determination and the power to change!

I know this because, if it is scarier to continue to live your current life than it is to change, it gives you superhuman strength.

I have done it, and I am here to help.

My entire blog is designated to that goal, to help people like you to change their lives, create financial freedom, and a life they love.

I suggest you take a look around my blog; I’m sure you will find much valuable information and help to ease your way into entrepreneurship.

So let’s start digging.

Because, as the German philosopher Matthias Horx said, “A virus is an accelerator of evolution.”

This is especially true for COVID19 due to its devastating impact on all aspects of our lives.

COVID 19 is a bifurcation, forcing us to weigh where we came from and where we need to go.

Besides changing how we conduct our lives and interact socially, COVID19 has and will continue to change how we work.

COVID19 continues to make some jobs obsolete and boost opportunities in others.

As the world is rapidly shifting towards digital workspaces, booming opportunities will be in everything online.

The lowest job losses due to COVID19, as well as the highest job gains, have been in the digital world.

To crisis-proof yourself, you should focus on digital jobs.

Perhaps you would be interested in becoming an online entrepreneur?

The benefits are clear, you:

  • would be location independent and could work where ever you like
  • could choose to work isolated at home or in the same place as others
  • would be your boss and create the work environment you like
  • the one who decides your income level
  • will be able to set up your income streams that way that you will be crisis-proof.

If you would decide to step into online entrepreneurship, you have many fantastic options.

But first, let’s address the elephant in the room.

There are three sides to making money online.

1. The “Making Money Online Scams”

2. Making a few bucks on the side

3. Creating a profitable, sustainable online business

1. The scams

Please use your common sense! The old saying “If It Is Too Good To Be True, It Probably Isn’t”still rings true! These ads are scams, targeting gullible people in desperate financial situations.

2. Making a few bucks on the side

You can get a few bucks for straightforward tasks, such as filling out surveys or watching videos.

A few dollars don’t get you far, and you would have to subscribe to too many of such opportunities to make it worth your while.

But this is not what we’re here to talk about.

3. Creating a profitable, sustainable online business

But to succeed, you have to take it seriously and get about it the “right” way.

Online businesses are precisely that, businesses, and as such, they require lots of dedication, time, and knowledge (which you can acquire).

Here are the A B Cs of online business.

A. Research and Validation

But keep in mind, it is not like you’re deciding on a new hobby; your business needs to make money.

Choose the business type that is right for you

If you’re not into retail, then selling cheap sunglasses is not your cup of tea either.

Validate your business

Think about it this way, if you’re fascinated by the idea of “Spiral Power Posts” but your validation research has shown that no one else cares about such posts, then a blog, designated to the mighty Spiral Power Posts, won’t have a chance to be a valuable business.

One way to start your validation is to see if your niche has produced successful bloggers already?

If no one has written about Spiral Power Post then neither should you.

B. Develop an Entrepreneurial Attitude

Your blog (videos or podcasts) are not about you; it is about them

But always focus on the needs of your target audience, what it is they want to know about. Not what you like to write or talk about.

By producing high quality, valuable content, you establish yourself as an expert and build credibility, your audience will grow.

Online businesses are not side jobs

You will probably come quickly to a point where your spare time is not enough anymore to run your biz.

Then, you will have to make adjustments to push forward, even if your business does not make any money yet.

My recommendation is to prepare for this moment well in advance. Perhaps having some side gigs lined up that would allow you to quit your day job, make enough money to cover your expenses and yet have plenty of time to elevate your business.

Put in the time

Like any other business, an online business needs hard work and time to grow.

Know what you don’t know

To close that Knowledge Gap, you have to know how to teach yourself. You can probably find out everything you need to know online, such as social media marketing as an example.

Many bloggers have their own way of doing things and have also written extensively about it. Study how they did it and tweak it for your business needs.

You may also consider investing a little bit of money into online courses to accelerate your skills and knowledge to the next level.

C. Measure, Adjust and Don’t Give Up

Always look for “Rapid Implementation.” Yes, whatever it is you do, a blog post, an online course, a service, it should be of high quality.

But don’t try to over-perfect everything. It will never be perfect, so don’t wait for it to be.

You need to re-evaluate your niche; are you really reaching your desired target audience?

Outsource when it is appropriate, virtual assistants are inexpensive and offer great value. They will work for you in your business while you work on your business.

Take the financial side of your business seriously. Even though online companies don’t require much overhead, they come with expenses and taxes too.

Don’t give up. Do you know when the worst day to give up is? Today! Therefore don’t give up, recognize, and adjust, but don’t give up.

It is almost certain that it will not be easy to get your business off the ground.

It will be tough, and there will be doubts. If you try something and it does not work as you expected, then take it as an experience, the recognition that this strategy does not work.

But don’t take it as your failure, because it is not, instead, measure and adjust.

Solve a problem, or two

As an expert in your field, and a reputation for delivering real value, you will gain trust among your followers, grow your subscriber lists and build an ever-expanding market for your products and services.

The world is going digital, and so should you.

Now it’s up to you.

The difference between wanting something and having something is doing something!

Now that you know that there are realistic ways to reset your financial health you’re already ahead of the game.

THAT ALONE can get you into a place from which you can start rebuilding your life without much trouble after all this is over.

In the meantime, welcome to our online community that’s building financial independence and a more fulfilled life.

I’m glad you’re here.


As blogger, freelance writer, public speaker, I help people find financial freedom, live a life they truly love.